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Founded in 1998, Huamei Consulting is a comprehensive consulting service company. Its services include:


§   Consulting service on foreign anti-dumping and countervailing investigation/reviews against Chinese enterprises;

§   Legal consultation on foreign-related civil and commercial disputes, domestic company laws, labor disputes, contract disputes, etc;

§   Emigration, asset allocation, private customized tour and business visit;

§   FCPA and Enterprise compliance program.


Huamei Consulting, founded in the 1990s and has been operating for more than 20 years. Antidumping services is our traditional advantageous service. Huamei Consulting is a professional company in response to foreign countries' anti-dumping and countervailing investigation against China. We have legal practitioners, certified public accountants, certified tax agents, senior translators and other senior personnel. The anti-dumping business team is familiar with the anti-dumping rules of various countries and has rich practical experience.

According to the specific situation of each enterprise, we make the most cost-effective response plan for our clients. We have cooperated with many well-known foreign law firms and made many remarkable achievements in foreign anti-dumping field.

Every enterprise does not want to face overseas anti-dumping, but when that really happens, there is no need to worry. Anti-dumping is not only a barrier but also a new trade opportunity for enterprises. There are opportunities in danger. Only when enterprises understand the anti-dumping rules and use them skillfully can they seize the opportunity of market reshuffle, the international market share can not only be maintained, but also increase significantly.

Huamei Company stands at the forefront of the world, takes a forward-looking attitude, takes anti-dumping service as the axis, radiates various businesses in foreign-related fields, comprehensively protects the rights of clients and seeks the greatest interests for clients.

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