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Founded in the early 1990s, Huamei Commercial Information Consulting Co., Ltd is the first professional company in response to foreign countries’ anti-dumping in China.

The founder of Huamei once worked as the representative of Hume & Associates PC to China; Robert Wang has a wealth of practical experience in anti-dumping and can guide the anti-dumping practice by skillfully using anti-dumping theories. Since foundation, the company has represented independently or cooperated with other famous law firms to respond to anti-dumping cases from America, EU, South Africa, Argentina, and so on, for Chinese exporters and producers, thus helped them to solid and expand the foreign market.

Huamei is friendly with employees, honest to customers and responsible for work, with development in two decades, Huamei has constructed a team of lawyers, accountants, tax accountant, translators, and marketing personnel. It gains customers’ trust and praise of the agreement due to its outstanding performance at work and brilliant achievements made, which brings stable customers from home and abroad.

Huamei not only knows well traditional culture, corporate culture and national policies in China, but also understands deeply the western culture, so Huamei enjoys unique advantage in the field of international anti-dumping, international investment and financing, etc,.In the future, with forward-looking attitude and standing in the forefront of international trade, Huamei will maintain the rights of massive customers and seek the biggest benefit for them.

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