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產品類別: Annual Administrative Review

Annual Administrative Review

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Date,: 2018-04-18
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Annual administrative review also known as interim review, as per the American laws, after a commodity is levied anti-dumping duties for a full year, the US Department of Commerce will review dumping margin of the levied commodity by covering the 12 months immediately preceding the anniversary month, with an exception of the first administrative review, which usually covers approximately an 18-month period from the date of suspension of liquidation (generally the date the preliminary determination in the investigation was published) to the end of the month immediately preceding the anniversary month. In determining whether to revoke an antidumping duty order in part, the Secretary will consider: (A) Whether one or more exporters or producers covered by the order have sold the merchandise at not less than normal value for a period of at least three consecutive years; (B) Whether, for any exporter or producer that the Secretary previously has determined to have sold the subject merchandise at less than normal value, the exporter or producer agrees in writing to its immediate reinstatement in the order, as long as any exporter or producer is subject to the order, if the Secretary concludes that the exporter or producer, subsequent to the revocation, sold the subject merchandise at less than normal value; and (C) Whether the continued application of the antidumping duty order is otherwise necessary to offset dumping. If the Secretary determines, based upon the criteria in paragraphs (A) through (C) of this section, that the antidumping duty order as to those producers or exporters is no longer warranted, the Secretary will revoke the order as to those producers or exporters.

During this procedure, Huamei can represent Chinese exporters for responding to all questionnaires in the whole process, specially including:Submit review request; fill in and submit Separate Rate Certification or Separate Rate Application; submit case briefs or rebuttal briefs; collect and submit information on surrogate county and surrogate values; predict the anti-dumping margins for exporters; prepares for on-site verification; represent the customers for communicating with US Department of Commerce; assist the export enterprises with analysis of anti-dumping responses; provide anti-dumping training courses for export enterprises personnel.

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