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Aluminum Extrusions from China

Source: Huamei
Date: 2018-07-28
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On February 8, 2018, the Department of Commerce published the Preliminary Results of the administrative review of the antidumping duty order on aluminum extrusions from the People’s Republic of China (China) for the period of review (POR) May 1, 2016, through April 30, 2017. 

On July 27, 2018, the Commerce published the final results in Federal Register and determined that Guangdong Xin Wei Aluminum Products Co., Ltd., Xin Wei Aluminum Company Limited, and Xin Wei Aluminum Co. Ltd. made no entries, exports, or sales of the subject merchandise during the POR covered by this administrative review, that the following companies applied to China-wide rate of 86.01 percent: (1) Activa International Inc.; (2) Atlas Integrated Manufacturing Ltd.; (3) Belton (Asia) Development Ltd.; (4) Belton (Asia) Development Limited; (5) Changzhou Tenglong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.; (6) Changzhou Tenglong Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; (7) Changzhou Tenglong Auto Parts Co Ltd; (8) China Square; (9) China Square Industrial Co.; (10) China Square Industrial Ltd; (11) Daya Hardware Co Ltd; (12) ETLA Technology (Wuxi) Co. Ltd; (13) Global Hi-Tek Precision Co. Ltd; (14) Guangdong Whirlpool Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.; (15) Guangdong Zhongya Aluminium Company Limited; (16) Henan New Kelong Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.; (17) Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd.; (18) Liaoyang Zhongwang Aluminum Profile Co. Ltd.; (19) Midea International Training Co., Ltd.; (20) Midea International Trading Co., Ltd.; (21) Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co. Ltd.; (22) Sincere Profit Limited; (23) Summit Heat Sinks Metal Co, Ltd; (24) USA Worldwide Door Components (PINGHU) Co., Ltd.; (25) Whirlpool Canada L.P.; and (26) Whirlpool Microwave Products Development Ltd.

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